7 Warning Signs Your Dog Is Dying You Should Not Ignore

7 Warning Signs Your Dog Is Dying You Should Not Ignore

Our love for our pets does not die even after they die, yet death – even for dogs – is a reality that must be faced.

Some signs inform you that your dog is living his last days. Knowing these signs gives you and your family the opportunity to prepare psychologically for this fact. It enables you to present a beautiful and peaceful period for your dog in the last periods of his life.

Here are few signs to look for:

7- Check for respiratory symptoms

You will notice that your dog’s breathing becomes shallow, with long periods between his breaths, days, or hours before his death.

The average breathing rate in a relaxed state may drop from 22 breaths/minute to only ten breaths/minute.

The dog will exhale air deeply immediately before his death, and you can feel the dog’s lungs deflating with the exhalation as you feel the balloon when it is deflated.

A dog’s normal stroke rate will drop from 100-130 beats per minute to 60-80 beats per minute and have a feeble pulse.

In the dog’s final hours, you will notice that your dog is breathing shallowly and not moving. The dog will usually lie in a dark, hidden place in the house…

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