Who We Are?

The team behind egoldenretriever.com are a group of golden retriever lover , owner and trainer .We write from our own life experience with this breed of dog .Some of us live in Morocco while the rest of the team members are cooperating from all over the world sharing what they know about best man friend in general and about this golden brave Pet in particular.

Why We Love Golden Retrievers?

Since golden retrievers are super easy to please, they act in response efficiently to obedience training. They complement this kind of characteristic by being playful, loving and even-tempered. Golden retrievers are extremely versatile. They’re known as family pets, bird dogs, service puppies for the disabled, and search and rescue pet dogs.

Where You Can Find Our Team?

You can find some of our team at puppy shows, agility trials ,obedience trials , tracking events, hunt tests , and field trials. We are continuously busy with our canines, training our golden retriever for something new. We are always trying to find an additional activity, since Goldens, like people, could get bored not having something to keep them active. They need something to accomplish, most of all they would like to do please us.

Our team members take part in many activities including:

*- Agility
*- Particular breed of dog conformation
*- Field
*- Obedience and behavior training
*- Rally
*- Pet therapy

About The Site Manager

The manager of the site is Mr khalid assami from Morocco, he gets his first golden retriever Zufar which mean in Arabic (Brave like a lion) when he was secondary school student, following that life-changing event he found himself in affection with the golden retriever breed of dog so he starts to read about them on the web chatting with golden retriever lovers on Facebook groups, and then was thinking about sharing what they founded together so he staring making the team behind egoldenretriever.com and.

About Zufar The Site Manager First Owned Golden Retrievers

My mature Golden Retriever Zufar has already been hip and elbow scored and also has very clear certificates for hearts and eyes.. This really is to show he is free from a few of the major genetic problems that this breed of dog is vulnerable to. With hip dysplasia it is necessary to breed with canines who’s scores are as low as possible. Regrettably this does not get rid of the chance of the puppies receiving hip dysplasia however it is a good way in an attempt to avoid it.

Get In Touch With Us

Even though you can not meet us in person , you can utilize our wide experience with golden retriever here within our site egoldenretriever.com

Tell Us About Your Opinion

If you value your Golden and are thinking about doing even more with your puppy we motivate you to become one of our audience, and share your thought and experience with us through the comment section of each page or contact us on this email [email protected]

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