Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids

Generally speaking, dogs are known as the best man friend; it is obvious that dogs are the best friends for kids too. They are lovely, polite, and most importantly, playful, making your children happy and entertained. I got a lot of questions about certain dog breed and their relation with kids. One of these questions is Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids? The following post is about this question accurately, so keep reading if you want to know the answer in fine detail.


These four-legged friends’ support instills in kids great personality characteristics such as empathy, devotion, responsibility, and partnership. With that being said, not all breeds of dogs show an enjoyable disposition. Consequently, you have to be careful of the type of dog that you are getting into your residence. It is essential to always study the very best dog breed for your family and way of living before getting any puppy.

Buyers frequently pick the golden retriever because they are the most preferred family pet. Is the question – will be golden retrievers good with my kids? This post talks about significant facts that each parent must know about golden retrievers before they will amaze their children with one!

What exactly makes Golden Retrievers Great with Children?

1. They’re Caring and Cuddly

Little cute girl is having fun with golden retriever on a green grass

There is absolutely no question that golden retrievers are actually caring and loving breeds of dogs, delivering limitless pleasure and laughter to the people surrounding. Among their finest characteristics is that they can immediately sense your mood. In case you are feeling low or stressed, they will lighten up your entire day right away.

They provide the very best cuddles and love that will make a positive impact on your child furthermore. Having them around could keep the ambiance atmosphere lighter and chirpy. Your children will even remain in a happy mood on a daily basis.


2. They Love to Satisfy their Owners

family, pet, animal and people concept - happy family with golden retriever dog walking in autumn city park

Golden retrievers certainly are a people-pleaser breed of dogs, so they are simple to train as well. They really want to impress their pet owner, which explains why they learn quickly during their training.

Golden retrievers are always ready to obey their very own owner and take action as outlined by their requirements. Due to this reality, they make no interruptions inside your home. Therefore, you can allow your child to spend some fun time frame with them with no worry or main problem.

3. Extremely Dynamic and Take pleasure in Playing

two girls run with a gold catcher in a park

Golden retrievers are good sized, athletic canines that like to work out and play. Therefore, these are the perfect friend for highly-energetic children that prefer to spend their very own time outdoors.

Various children often get bored in the home as they do not have anyone to have fun with. On the other hand, with golden retrievers available, your children will not possess anything to complain about. That high energy and endurance of golden retrievers could keep your children happy and pleased at all times.


4. Super Sweet and delicate

Little girl with a Golden retriever puppy

Even though the golden retriever is a giant puppy, their particular temperament is sweet and delicate nevertheless. Generally, several strong and robust breeds of dogs come with hazardous personality traits, including barking noisily, displaying aggression, and simply biting their owners.

On the other hand, golden retrievers enjoy a constant, cheerful mood, as well as the best part, is that they can simply get along with other pets or animals.

5. Golden retrievers are Calm

Little girl and golden retriever in the living room looking through the window AT

Generally, extremely energetic canines are noisy and loud and more so when children come along and enjoy them. Because of that, many parents are unwilling to get such canines, out of dread that they can ruin the comfort and tranquility of their home setting.

Nevertheless, this is not the situation with the golden retriever. This breed of dog is generally quiet and chill, which explains why it does not make for the very best guard doggies.

Even though golden retrievers are excellent with children, take care because they grow big in size and outweigh young kids.


Golden retrievers happen to be trustworthy and very good with children; we get this. Yet accidents manifest now and then when we are not really in caution. Keep in mind that retrievers are huge canines, and they can unintentionally knock out your child while playing. Therefore, do not let your child be unwatched when a golden retriever is playing across. Therefore keep close track of them!

. Do not forget to teach your kids about family pet safety.

Regardless of how well they react, they may still be animals that need treating with esteem. As you bring a dog home, any kind, not only golden retriever, it is essential to talk with the kids about treating your dog with dignity. Exactly what does it actually imply treating with respect? Here are some examples.

Golden retrievers are well-mannered whenever properly trained. However, you have to handle them with soft care. So do your kids. You are able to teach them to be delicate to the doggies when he first comes home. Anytime the dog is eating, it is advisable to keep him alone and enjoy his meals. Additionally, it is recommended to follow along with animal safety recommendations.


. Consider Dog obedience training

Your golden retriever is required to obey your children, mainly when they are away. Otherwise, these types of extremely energetic canines may be challenging to control when in public areas. Therefore, obedience training is vital in this respect. Throw some fundamental commands at them like sit down, lay, etc. and then instruct them to follow those commands immediately.


Young girl and her pet on green grass background. Friends walking and playing in the park on a sunny day.

Will be golden retrievers good with my children? It is safe to state that yes, indeed, they are. This is also true if they are correctly trained. In general, golden retrievers will be family members pet dogs – supremely kind, dedicated, loving, and full of life.

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