Cute Golden Retriever Names For Your New Puppy

golden retriever dog

A listing of Golden Retriever names made exclusively for this cheerful and loyal breed of dog is shown below. We certainly have looked for the best Golden Retriever dog names and will as Golden Retriever puppy names to suit that cute furry ball you simply adopted.

Identifying your new best friend is definitely a trigger for celebration. Once you discover the perfect puppy names, collect the family members around and make it an unforgettable party too.

The very best dog names are sharp and short, something which calls your dog’s special attention. Additionally, it is critical that the name has a unique meaning and establishes your puppy apart. That unique meaning might be something one of a kind to your story, or perhaps something about a newly purchased dog.

There exists a broad range of names for Golden girls and Golden boys to select from. We separate the names in various groups for making it simple for you to identify the best fitting name for your new member of the family. Soon after choosing your Golden Retriever’s name, teach your puppy its name with their standard training.

Greatest Male Golden Retriever Names


In the following, there are 15 best male Golden Retriever names with their meanings for different types of Golden Retrievers.

NameMeaningColor Variation
BuddyClose friendGolden
LeafPart of a plantGolden
CooperBarrel makerDark golden
CopperA red brown metalDark golden
BlakePallid, light coloredCream
CharlieFree manGolden
EnzoRuler of the householdCream
BarleyKind of cerealGolden
HarleyWood, clearingDark golden
WhiskeyAlcoholic drink; water of lifeDark golden
LeoLion, braveDark golden

Best Golden Retriever Names For Male Young puppies

Male Golden Retrievers make exceptional domestic pets, and perhaps they are the first choice for many individuals who are looking to obtain a dog as pet. In case you have a brand new male Golden Retriever, make an effort to choose a masculine name which will reveal his physical or personality characteristics.

Remember that training a puppy on his new name would have been a bit easier in the event the name is short and straightforward to pronounce.

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
BoomerLarge, loudDark goldenFun
OliverPiece offerCreamClassic
BrunoShieldDark goldenClassic
GeorgeTilter of the soilDark goldenTraditional
MarleyFrom a book or movie, Marley and MeCreamPopular
GrahamKind of cookieGoldenClassic
RustyRuddy complexionDark goldenPopular
NuggetAs in a gold nuggetGoldenFun
BobbyFunny personGoldenFun
TuckerAll heartDark goldenPopular
LokiNorse god of mischiefDark goldenUnique
OtisFortuneDark goldenUnique
ChaseHunt, trailDark goldenFun
MiloPeaceful, calmCreamFun
BoltMove rapidlyCreamFun
RexKingDark goldenPopular
CodyHelp fullCreamClassic
JasperTreasurerDark goldenUnique
HenryHome rulerCreamTraditional
LiamStrong willedGoldenClassic
BillyResolute protectorCreamPopular
BlazeLike a fireGoldenUnique
MurpheySea warriorCreamTraditional

Brave And Loyal Golden Retriever Dog Names For Males

Golden Retrievers are extremely brave, loyal, and make amazing domestic pets, and these types of characteristics, among others, are behind that bread’s huge attractiveness.

Let us check out some names which will boost these great characteristics inside your new Golden Retriever.

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
HuddBrave rulerCreamClassic
HartmutBrave mindGoldenVintage
YongBraveDark goldenUnique
MinionPeople pleaserCreamRare
BaronSon of strengthGoldenPopular
KoenBraveDark goldenPopular
KekoaThe brave oneCreamRare
LealiFatefulDark goldenUnique
ShahKingDark goldenRare
FidelLoyalDark goldenPopular
HumamCourageous and generousCreamRare
GunnerBold warriorGoldenPopular
LeonardLion heartedGoldenClassic
ZufarBrave like a lionCreamUnique

Greatest Female Golden Retriever Dog Names

Let us check out the 15 greatest female Names for golden retrievers and their explanations. All of the names are divided according to the color of the coat as well as , the category.

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
GoldiePrecious metal, goldGoldenClassic
LucyBorn of lightCreamFun
AmarisChild of the moonCreamUnique
NalaSweet, belovedDark goldenFun
CookieSweet biscuitDark GoldenFun
SophieWisdom, intelligenceDark goldenTraditional
PennyBronze coinDark goldenPopular
PearlHighly prized gemCreamUnique
GingerLight reddish yellow colorDark goldenFun

Best Golden Retrievers Names Just For Female Young Puppies

In case you are bringing a female Golden Retriever in your house, this is actually the perfect chance to choose her new name. Make use of dog’s looks and charm as drive to find Golden Retriever names that best illustrate her.

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
MinervaGoddess of wisdomCreamUnique
LuluRemarkable or wonderfulGoldenVintage
JulieVivaciousDark goldenPopular
NellieSillyDark goldenPopular
MaceyWeaponDark goldenVintage
SadieLady likeCreamFun
BrandyBurned wineDark goldenPopular
AddieNobleDark goldenClassic
GoldilocksFairy tale heroineGoldenFun
SunnyHappy, cheerfulGoldenPopular
BonnieMeans beauty in GaelicCreamPopular
BlondieSoft, delicateGoldenPopular
HeidiOf noble birthDark goldenClassic
LuzMeans light in SpanishCreamUnique
HoneyCute and sweetGoldenTraditional
AudreyStrong and nobleDark goldenTraditional
SkyeFree spiritedDark goldenUnique
LexieDefenderDark goldenFun
LeiaWearyDark goldenPopular

Brave And Loyal Golden Retriever Dog Names For Female

Female Golden Retrievers are not any less loyal and brave than their male equivalent and are worthy of a name which will reflect these personality characteristics.

Here are some names that effectively reveal these characteristics:

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
AltheaWith healing powersGoldenRare
ValoraCourageousDark goldenClassic
MarciaWar likeDark goldenVintage
CaseyVigilant, watchfulGoldenPopular
IsisThroneDark goldenClassic
KerenRay of lightCreamPopular
KyraLord of the sunGoldenVintage
ValentiaCourageDark goldenTraditional


Deciding on the best name for your Golden Retriever might seem like a challenging activity, but do not worry, you simply need to do it once! There exists a broad range of names for Golden girls and Golden boys to select from, therefore I showed them within the list previously mentioned so you can easily select from.

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