This golden retriever mom learns patience and discipline to her puppies

Rosalie is the happy mother of 8 puppies. When they are a little too turbulent, she knows exactly how to be respected and calms them.

A Golden Retriever dog, Rosalie has a lot of experience in motherhood, 20 years before her motherhood. So she knows exactly what to do with her little ones when they venture to cross the line.

The video we are talking about here allows us to see it at work. The dog can be seen entering the room where her eight adorable puppies are located. At eight weeks old, young canids are less and less allowed to suck their mothers. At that age, the puppies’ teeth began to grow, and breastfeeding became more and more painful for the sire, who pushed them back to make them understand.

When Rosalie arrives, the puppies are incredibly excited. They all rush towards her trying to reach her breasts, but there is no question of letting them do it. She starts grunting and barking at her little ones, who immediately realize that they have to stop harassing her in this way.

Showing a great deal of authority, she dryly interrupts the slightest attempt at approach. Puppies calm down and go to bed. She waits a while, then starts looking at them one by one. Some take the opportunity to try their luck again, but they are cropped as quickly.

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